How to Extend Results of Teeth Whitening

The team at Heritage Dental wants you to have a bright smile that you can feel confident about. Dr. Thomas Hernandez and our team of dental hygienists are skilled at restoring smiles affected by stains and discoloration.

There’s no substitute for professional teeth whitening. At-home kits can’t come close to the results you gain from visiting a dental professional. Despite marketing language that states otherwise, DIY teeth whiteners not only offer suboptimal results, but you also run the risk of damaging your teeth.

Once you've attained the bright, beautiful smile you wanted, you can do several things to maintain it. 

Coffee, tea, and dark sodas can stain your teeth an unsightly shade of brown. After restoring your pearly whites with professional teeth whitening, you can prolong the effects with some practical solutions at home. Here’s how to extend the results of your dental office teeth whitening session. 

Practice good oral hygiene

Although we’re always happy to see you at Heritage Dental, it’s important to maintain good oral hygiene between office visits. Regular dental visits are vital to oral health, but are not a substitute for daily care. 

Twice-a-day brushing and daily flossing will remove debris and prevent harmful bacteria from accumulating. This is a cornerstone of good oral hygiene and the first crucial step in maintaining your newly brightened smile. If you skimp on daIly brushing, bacteria builds up and forms plaque that threatens your oral health, meanwhile you’ll notice your teeth losing their luster quickly. 

Avoid tobacco

Smoking or using tobacco puts your teeth on the fast track to being dull and discolored again. This habit diminishes the results of professional teeth whitening and isn’t good for your overall health. Tobacco is linked to bad breath, oral cancer, and a whole slew of physical health issues. 

If a bright smile motivates you to give up tobacco, you reap health benefits as a bonus. 

Watch your eating habits

You may want to rethink your morning cup of Joe or cola-drinking habit. Dark colas and coffee can stain your teeth and quickly ruin your professional teeth whitening treatment. Other foods that may diminish your results include tomato sauce, beets, blueberries, and red wine.  

You don’t need to give up all your favorite foods, though. Drinking extra water and brushing after eating teeth-staining foods can help. 

Discuss home maintenance with your dentist

Dr. Hernandez can suggest specific products to maintain your whitened teeth at home. He may also recommend that you come in for a visit at regular intervals for touch-ups to keep your teeth bright. Keep in mind that your teeth are unique, and recommendations are always based on your individual needs. 

We’re invested in keeping your smile bright and healthy. To learn more about options for teeth whitening and oral health, book an appointment at Heritage Dental. We’d be happy to answer your questions and discuss your concerns. Schedule your appointment today by calling us at 281-580-2790.

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