5 Important Benefits of Proper Flossing

5 Important Benefits of Proper Flossing

Has it been a while since you’ve kept an appointment with your floss? You’re not alone. Nearly one-third of American adults admit to never flossing; another 37% say their flossing habits are inconsistent. 

But what most flossing delinquents don’t realize is that the consequences of sloppy oral hygiene techniques far outweigh the minor inconvenience of spending a few extra moments at the sink. 

Here, our team of specialists at Heritage Dental, led by Dr. Thomas Hernandez, dives into five of the benefits of regular flossing and gives you a few tips and tricks on capitalizing on this crucial habit.

#1 Flossing removes plaque

Plaque is a colorless, sticky film that can accumulate around and between your teeth and along your gum line without careful brushing and flossing. Harmful bacteria reside in plaque and release acids that destroy your tooth’s enamel. 

Brushing your teeth alone is not enough to get rid of plaque; you must follow up your brush with floss to get rid of as much plaque as possible. Without flossing, plaque build can become so severe that it hardens into tartar and increases your gum disease risk.

#2 Flossing reduces your risk for cavities

Plaque buildup also contributes to your risk for cavities. The longer plaque stays on your teeth, the greater your chances of tooth decay. As a result, tooth decay creates an opening in your enamel called a cavity. Flossing is the only way to get at the hard-to-reach pockets of plaque and keep cavities at bay. 

#3 Flossing makes your breath smell better

Having bad breath is the best way to make a bad first impression. Fortunately, you can floss away this embarrassing problem.

Bad breath often stems from food particles that have gotten stuck in your teeth, started to decay, and stink up your breath. If you remove them with diligent flossing, you can fight bad breath before it starts (and may not have to really on your emergency tin of mints as much). 

#4 Flossing helps brighten your teeth

Teeth whitening treatments are a great way to give your smile a refresh but so is the simple act of flossing. Flossing removes food particles and other substances from the surface of your teeth and can give you a brighter, cleaner-looking smile. 

#5 Flossing may promote heart health

This may seem like a stretch, but the American Heart Association found a connection between oral health and heart health. Another study discovered that participants who prioritized a diligent oral hygiene routine had decreased risk of heart problems. 

The bottom line is that flossing is a crucial part of a complete oral hygiene routine, and oral hygiene is essential to your oral and overall health. 

What is proper flossing?

If we’ve convinced you to recommit to your floss, we’ve only done half of our job because not all flossing is good. In fact, not flossing properly can sometimes cause more harm than good. Consider these flossing hacks as you get started:

We also recommend finding a flossing system that you are comfortable with. Some flosses are thinner or thicker based on the amount of space between your teeth, some are flavored, and others come in pick form, which can be easier to manipulate if you have dexterity issues. 

Dr. Hernandez can give you some pointers on proper technique and help you find the perfect floss at your next check-up. 

Ready to revolutionize your oral health? We’re here to help. You can request an appointment with Dr. Hernandez at our Tomball, Texas, office online or over the phone. 

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